Why Women Fall For Jerks

Why Women Fall For Jerks

07/17/2014: Crystal and Dre welcome David and Jonathan Bennett to the show to discuss why Women love jerks. Yes, what countless females have told their friends, and what many nice guys have secretly known their whole life, is correct. What most people don’t understand, however, are the reasonswhy women like jerks. And, why a woman shouldn’t feel that bad for liking a jerk (he’s actually pretty similar to the dream guy she is looking for).

Using brain science, evolutionary biology, and psychology (combined with personal experience), writers, business owners, and consultants David and Jonathan Bennett have carried out extensive research into why women like jerks, especially when compared to the dull and passive nice guy. They also have researched how the brain chemistry of attraction works, which is why once you fall for that jerk, you might be hooked, even if your female friends tell you he is bad news!

Check Out Their Website: http://womenlovejerks.com/

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