Actor, Singer, Producer Mike Ellison

Crystal and Dre welcome Michael D. Ellison to the show. He is an African-American recording artist and actor. Ellison was born in Ethiopia and is based in Detroit, Michigan.

Ellison’s 2013 CD Flytanium is an introspective album that redefines the performer’s musical identity. Ellison’s recent film work includes roles in movie’s “Love and Honor” (2013), “Quad” (2013), and “Beyond The Mask” (2013). The recording artist’s AfroFlow CD, released under the moniker MIKE-E, was the first hip-hop project released by Detroit’s Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, at the time the world’s largest institution dedicated to the African-American experience.

The AfroFlow Tour combined music and outreach programs in the U.S. and Africa, and helped garner the artist international attention.Ellison earned roles in “Love & Honor” (2013), starring Liam Hemsworth and Theresa Palmer; Quad (2013) starring Emmy Award winner Aaron Paul of AMC’s popular “Breaking Bad” series; “Beyond the Mask” (TBD) directed by Chad Burns and the tornado thriller “Black Sky,” directed by Steve Quale (2013). Ellison appeared in “All’s Faire In Love” (2009) headlined by Christina Ricci and “Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations” (2009), the third installment of the horror franchise kicked off by Ashton Kutcher. His song “Aleho U Lovin’ Me,” was also featured in the film.

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