So why did Trump even say this? What prompted him to lash out, this time, on these women? He has spoken about them individually specifically Ilhan Omar because he hates muslims and of AOC because apparently she refuses to be a good girl and shut that hole in her face! But what sparked this particular rant? 

Telling Blacks and other minorities to go back to wherever they come from is a staple for White Nationalists who interestingly enough believe this land belongs to them. Tonight we will discuss the history of this statement and how ill placed it is. 

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One thought on “GO BACK TO AFRICA!

  1. In the words of Maxine Waters…. “Today is a good day to impeach!” I hate the fact that what he represents is actually the thing that he stands on that got him elected. If others should go back to wherever, then he also needs to pack up and go back to Europe because his family is NOT a native of the Americas.
    People should consider what they say before they say it.

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