Reparations for Slavery

It seems that currently the term reparations is back in the political lime light for the 2020 presidential race. There have been quite a few Democratic candidates who are seeking the Black American vote. Ever since the 2016 presidential debacle many African Americans have touted that Democrats think that they automatically have the black vote therefore they do not need to do anything but a head nod to get it. Even the first black president Barack Obama didn’t do much beyond that for issues plaguing the African American community. It was thought that the mere fact that he was black, and really freaking handsome, not to mention have a deep brown skinned sistah on his arm was all he needed. And apparently so because he became president for 2 gloriously dreamy terms.

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2 thoughts on “Reparations for Slavery

  1. Reparations could easily be given. If land is not going to be given, the low interest business loans will help or free health care and education will certainly be a great help. These are possibilities but there are endless possibilities of how this should and can look.

  2. My thing is simply a cash grant because we are not a monolithic group. And if one wishes to purchase land, or one decides to go to college, or the other decides to buy clothes and a car I don’t care – it’s OURS!!!!!!! Cash is the ONLY equal denominator. Our ancestors worked for FREE making this country very lucrative! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!

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