This “KUM-BAH-YAH” mentality is not going to cut it!! Gone are the days of Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s time to fight for real – not peacefully!! The Trump Administration is kicking our ass and it’s up to the Democratic Party to choose a LEADER or defeat Trump in 2020 Not another bleeding heart WIMP!!!! If not The RESISTANCE must he established! The fascists are WINNING!!!! Is that what you want????? The Time Has Come! Kill or Be Killed! What Say You??!!

Trans Racial: The Rachel Dolezal Controversy

Rachel Dolezal┬áhas brought a term to her pretending to be black controversy which caused her to have to resign her […]

Scandalous!! Jussie Smollett, Michael Jackson, and R Kelly

Tonight on THE CRYSTAL SHOW: The Discussions we will discuss the case of Jussie Smollett and how he lied about […]

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